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SareptAssist is a patient support program designed to provide you with information to help you navigate the process of starting and staying on therapy.

Our dedicated team will provide information on:

  • Insurance Benefits
  • Financial Assistance Options
  • Treatment Logistics
  • Options For Weekly Infusions
  • Ongoing Education And Support

Your Personalized Support Starts Here

The SareptAssist team is experienced in rare disease and dedicated to providing one-on-one personalized support. Your team is ready and available to help with any obstacle you may encounter as you and your family navigate the Duchenne journey.

Your Case Manager, with knowledge of insurance plans and healthcare networks, will provide individual assistance as you navigate starting and staying on treatment, while your Duchenne Nurse Educator will deliver advice, education, and information along the way.

While your doctor is your primary resource for discussing your medical needs, your Case Manager and Duchenne Nurse Educator can answer questions you may have about insurance benefits, Duchenne education, treatment information and access.

“We are here for one reason: the Duchenne family. It is our fundamental goal to empower you with information and support that may help manage the stresses of starting a new therapy so you can focus on what’s important—life with your child.”

—Dan, VP, Patient Services

Support During Your Treatment Journey

Your SareptAssist Case Manager and Duchenne Nurse Educator are here to help.

Get Started

Call 1-888-SAREPTA (1-888-727-3782)

We’re available Monday through Friday, 8:30am – 6:30pm ET

Spanish-speaking Case Managers and interpreters for other languages are available.

Navigating The Process

Once you and your doctor decide that treatment is right for you, your Case Manager is here to provide information as you navigate the complexities of starting and staying on therapy.

Here’s what to expect:

Enrollment in SareptAssist

With your consent and signature, your doctor will complete and submit the SareptAssist START Form, which will begin the SareptAssist process. The START Form authorizes your Case Manager to start a benefits investigation to understand your current insurance benefits.

Welcome Call

Your dedicated Case Manager will reach out to welcome you and explain how they can help.

Benefits Investigation

Your Case Manager will work with you to help you understand your insurance benefits and next steps. Depending on the type of insurance you have and your other relevant circumstances, your Case Manager will provide information on financial assistance options that you may be eligible for.

Treatment Location Options

You may receive your infusions at an infusion center or your home. You and your doctor may need to discuss these options, including whether home therapy is an option for you.

Starting Treatment

Once your insurance benefits have been confirmed, your Case Manager will work closely with the providing pharmacy (specialty or hospital pharmacy) to facilitate treatment access and coordinate drug delivery to your treatment location.

Ongoing Support

Your Case Manager is committed to working with you during your treatment journey, and will check in with you periodically. As your needs change (e.g., you have new insurance, a change of address, are planning a vacation, etc.), your Case Manager can keep you informed of your options to help avoid treatment interruptions.

Financial Assistance Programs

Your Case Manager can provide information about independent charitable organizations that may offer financial assistance. There are multiple Sarepta and third-party programs that provide financial assistance options to eligible insured or uninsured patients.

Patient Co-pay Assistance Program

The Co-Pay Assistance Program was created for eligible individuals with commercial health insurance (insurance from a private insurance company, either on your own or through your employer, not government insurance like Medicare) in the United States who are prescribed treatment with a Sarepta product. This program may help with some out-of-pocket costs related to receiving therapy, such as co-pays, co-insurance, and deductibles.

How Do I Enroll?

If you are eligible, your Case Manager will guide you through the consent and enrollment process for the Co-Pay Assistance Program.

Patient Assistance Program (PAP)

The PAP program can help patients, who are uninsured or rendered uninsured and meet certain eligibility requirements, obtain access to drug. You may be responsible for additional costs associated with administration of the drug. Your Case Manager can provide information on your eligibility, as well as help facilitate program enrollment and answer questions you may have on the application form if you are eligible.

Patient Assistance Foundation

Your Case Manager can provide information about independent charitable organizations that may offer financial assistance.

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For Healthcare Providers


Our team is here to help your patients navigate the process of starting and staying on therapy.

Get your patients started in three steps:

  1. Download the Start Form 
  2. Fill out the Start Form and Fax it to 1-800-621-5203
  3. A dedicated Case Manager will contact your patient soon