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GT_FAQGene therapies are a promising new area of medicine, and the potential they offer to help patients with serious, life-threatening diseases frequently makes headlines. But have you ever wondered what gene therapies are and what they do? How are they made? What are some of the challenges researchers face when trying to bring this new class of medicines to patients? What solutions are emerging?

As a company on an urgent mission to save lives taken by rare disease, we want to help answer some of these questions through our educational video series: GT-FAQ. These short videos, hosted by Sarepta researchers, scientists and other employees, answer some of the most common and complex questions about gene therapies in a way we can all understand. We hope these videos will help the rare disease community come together to discuss this exciting (but sometimes confusing!) new area of science and drug development.

The videos are archived on Sarepta’s YouTube channel

Do you have a burning question about the science of gene therapy that you’d like to see answered? Let us know at [email protected] and we may answer your question in an upcoming video.