photo of Douglas S. Ingram
Douglas S. Ingram
President and Chief Executive Officer

“We know why we get up every day and work as hard as we do. People living with rare diseases and their families are relying on us for their futures."

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photo of Diane Berry
Diane Berry, PhD
Senior Vice President, Global Health Policy, Government and Patient Affairs

"We have this culture of innovating. And I don't just mean the science but also on healthcare policy. Everything we do is pretty unprecedented.” 

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William Ciambrone
William F. Ciambrone
Executive Vice President, Technical Operations

"From my very early conversations with the Sarepta team, it was apparent that patient focus was real at Sarepta, and not simply a convenient phrase. I was in and decided to come out of retirement to do what I love at a company where the vision and ambition around patient care matched my own.”

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photo of Bo Cumbo
Bo Cumbo
Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer

“Science and the opportunity to impact patients’ lives for the better have always been the driving force behind every professional decision I’ve made. As I look back on those decisions, what makes Sarepta different from other companies is its tenacity and resilience.”

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photo of Ian M. Estepan
Ian M. Estepan
Senior Vice President, Chief of Staff and Corporate Affairs

“Until my own son was born, witnessing a child with Duchenne get on therapy was the best day of my life. And I thought, imagine how I’ll feel if we can reach more kids. That’s why I ended up joining Sarepta.”

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photo of Ty Howton
Ty Howton
Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary

"Sarepta embodies the sense of mission that can be found in biotech, but here, it’s more robust. You can feel the spirit on a daily basis."

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photo of Sandy Mahatme
Sandy Mahatme
Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Business Officer

"The trajectory of Sarepta’s success has been built on three fundamental principles: do what’s best for the patient; grow aggressively, but prudently; and attract the right people who are driven to execute today, but who are also able to look around the corner for tomorrow’s opportunities."

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photo of Joan Nickerson
Joan Nickerson, MBA
Senior Vice President, Human Resources

“One of the biggest things that people will mention when they interview here is that they’re looking to make an impact. When people say that, we make sure they understand we have to do things faster, better—different than the traditional way. We have to have unconventional thinking in order to get things done.”

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photo of Gilmore O'Neill
Gilmore O'Neill, MB, MMSC
Executive Vice President, R&D and Chief Medical Officer

“I met the parents of a young boy with Duchenne muscular dystrophy. They said, ‘We’re so grateful you’re developing this gene therapy, but we’re really worried because our son is deteriorating fast.’ Well, we have a sort of sacred responsibility to help him and all the other boys he represents. We cannot stumble. We cannot slow down. We all feel that urgency here.”

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photo of Louise Rodino-Klapac
Louise Rodino-Klapac, PhD
Senior Vice President, Gene Therapy

“I’m here to bring gene therapy to life. We have to be creative; we need to transform the paradigm. There isn’t a path to guide us. We’re making the path.”

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Meet Sarepta's Board of Directors

M. Kathleen Behrens, PhD

M. Kathleen Behrens, PhD, has served as a member of our Board since March 2009 and Chairperson of the Board since April 2015. She also serves as a member and Chair of the Audit committee and as a member of the Research and Development committee of the Board.

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Richard J. Barry

Richard J. Barry, a long-time stockholder of the Company, has served as a member of our Board since June 2015. He serves as member and Chair of the Nominating and Corporate Governance committee and as a member of the Audit committee and the Compensation committee.

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Mary Ann Gray, PhD

Mary Ann Gray, PhD was elected to our Board in December 2018. She also serves as a member of the Audit, Compensation and Nominating and Corporate Governance committees. 

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Douglas S. Ingram
President and Chief Executive Officer

Doug Ingram has served as President, CEO, and board member since 2017.

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John C. Martin, PhD

John C. Martin, PhD, was elected to our Board in January 2020.

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Claude Nicaise, MD

Claude Nicaise, MD has served as a member of our Board since June 2015. He currently serves as Chair of our Compensation committee. 

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Hans Wigzell, MD, PhD

Hans Wigzell, MD, PhD, has served as a member of our Board since June 2010. He serves as Chair of the Research and Development Committee and as a member of the Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee.

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